Soul Retrieval ~ Past Life Tracking

Shamanic Healing; Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality on the planet. It is a connection to nature and your own spirit. In shamanic healing we are looking for “spiritual illness” and what is unseen but felt in the person. It is the job of the shaman to aid in the spiritual healing of the tribe and each member.

Soul Retrieval is based on Soul Loss in ones life due to trauma, the loss of a loved one, mental or physical abuse, humiliation as a child, medical intervention, an accident, etc... In order to compensate for the loss an individual will release a part of their soul. This soul part or parts may be lost out in the spirit world for a life time, creating a feeling of disconnect from the universe, the world, others in our lives, and from ourselves.

lynx Soul loss may also occur at Birth or in a Past Life which will carry over into this life time. In order to receive a past life soul part, journeying into a past life with the help of the compassionate spirits and then tracking, going back into this experience with awareness is necessary. The intention in a shamanic session is to bring “wholeness” to the person in need.

The shaman is the mediator that works between the two worlds. He or She is able to "journey" to the dreamtime on behalf of the suffering to bring healing. This can be for: loss of power, soul retrieval, past life tracking, de-possession or extraction and divination.

The healing journey begins as the soul part or parts are integrated. Shamanic healing provides nurturance, validation and emotional release. It can also foster positive behavior changes, promote healing, and lower anxiety levels while relaxing the body.

The Shamanic Practitioner’s job is to essentially use their own bodies and minds as bridges between our physical world and the transpersonal realms of spirit. And as the indigenous peoples know well, when those bridges are formed, miracles happen. ~ Hank Wesselman, author of “Spirit Walker”.

Information will be given in more detail once the session is established.

Soul Retrieval & Past Life tracking is also available long distance

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